Thursday, 10 November 2011


ok so im really wanting to stretch this project further.
I just did some reading up on mail art movement and i think its super interesting!
so you know what that means???

i have 4 weeks
i have a pile of letters to send out (not arty yet i need supplies)
i have joined a ton of swaps.... IM GETTING THS GOING PROPERLY AGAIN
any one expecting their prizes??? they will be in the post... monday latest!!!!
any one expecting a reply??? same ill get that out on monday as well
ill write my excuses in my letters!


what am i doing with the images? im creating this massive (hopefully) journal about YOU!!! yes im creating a journal about what it is to be a mail artist! (i think you guys rock)
so could you please spread the word? help me out? send me something?

192 eton place
gu9 0ef

thank you!!!!!1

Thursday, 20 October 2011

week ????; the good, the bad and the ugly

so its been a long time coming… a real long time coming… i have been busy very busy.

i have started uni again and dealing with a ton of money issues as well as moving out getting settled into my new place and then i had a lot of work at uni trying to tie his project coherently into this vision and knowledge (imagined communities). and last thing is last i have been waiting for some really bad news to sink in; recently a friend sadly passed away, so this has been a very sad week so please share a thought for those who’s loves are cut way to short and remember that no matter how bad things are there is always someone out there who cares and to take life by the balls and just live it to the fullest.

any ways onwards with this as i said i re-photographed everything i have been sent :

and so onto the things i have received lately

this was a letter drafted around widow facts about the sender (please note i am doing this from memory) it came with tones of cool facts about the fact that she really likes mini skirts, could not face her partner when they slept and tones of other really weard and random facts. it also came with a load of random cut outs from magazines.

this was one crazy package! it came with colouring items for my little sister and post card, a little item made out of coal dust; some note cards, stickers and a photo album representing the senders area! this has been used to inform the final piece of my project. i will inform you about this towards the end!

this was a pretty good package to recieve! it also had so much in as well as a wonderfull letter describing the thoughts about what she was going to send me, i thought it was lovely to read. as well as the letter i got a magnetic note pad, two sets of stickers, and a rubber.

this was a cool little post card i was sent, i remember that written on the back was the words… would it not be nice to fall into something soft, i remember thinking that it would be amazing!!!!!!

this is a letter sent by becky! she sent me a lovely letter thanking me for choosing her as the winner of the competition as well as some crazy rabbit images which will soon grace my door at uni :D. sorry you have not recieved the package yet, it is packaged its just getting money together to send it!! but hella yes it will be on its way soon!!!! im so sorry i have been so long at this.

this is some more mail art from misha who wrote about not knowing about the competition but she is glad she is a runner up!!! hehe and also that she has been back at school hence why she is so late replying to myself. she has forwarded me some work that a pen pal had sent her as well as some negatives.. to do with as i wished… if thats the write way of saying it.

i think if my memory serves me right this letter was sent by sabrina.. yes same name as me. she went to island; she writes about what she did there as well as a quick up to date about her life etc…

and last but not least

TEA i love tea and here i have been sent tea from USA and Canada.

so yes sorry for being to the point here this time but alas i thought id better give an update as it has been so long… and my room has turned into such a tip i dont even want to attempt to try and find everything so i can try and have more detail on this.

on to other news:

i have been asking you to send me images of your area to create a new image out of your images… almost like a representation of the “send something community” i had a tutorial today and it was suggested i become a little more precise with what to send so here goes! please could you send me images of the following:

. a place that you love

. a place that you dont like

. something personal to you

. something/ someplace green

. something/ someplace sunny

we are thinking the grand garden here… like nivana … eden etc. so as i said before you can send these images through e-mails and of course… mail :D and with the images could you tell me name, age, gender and place…. my tutors want to be able to see in my book that i have covered the grand spectrum of people. and remember you dont have to be an amazing photographer! and HAVE FUN WITH THIS.

Friday, 14 October 2011


ok guys i need help! 
my project has taken on a new focus…
can someone please sent me some images of their representation of their home town? it can be taken in any way you want, pref colour, and you dont have to be a good photographer either.
what will i do with the images?
i will stitch them all together to make a whole new place! made up of all of your pictures as well as some of my own :D
what does this have to do with sendsomething? 
well i was going through some of the item i have yet to put up on here. and i saw that someone sent me a photo album of thier home town, and thats how i got the idea!!!
well you can send them to my new address or e-mail them to me at
thank you tones is advance 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

i havent forgotten you :)

i have moved to uni so i have been really busy over the past 3 weeks… i promise though if not tomorrow evening then monday evening i shall share all the wonderful things i have received over the past 3 weeks :) believe me this is going to not be a post to miss because… im finally working on the uni sides of things to present this work :)


ps im also having some issues with posting on here lately so i dont know whats up... it wants me to download google chrome... but my lap top wont help me ... i think all my other browsers are up to date though :( ... if some one could help that would be brilliant .. any ways... until next time :D

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Week 8-9; cant wait for uni!!!! (but i can at the same time)

hello!!! so this is really late! soo late its going to be week 10 soon! well originally i was late because my competition ran to a close and i had to choose some winners!!! and then things got busy, loud and stressful. I like the quiet life, i could live without the tv… and read books all day! but here with my parents i cant.. so my head gets full of useless things and i cant think or concentrate and it makes me feel stupid cos’ i cant do anything! let alone write or read letters and blogs and well any thing!! there has been next to no escape this summer… i cant wait for a whole day where my brain returns back to normal and i can think! Any who! if you have written to me ill be sending and writing mail after the 11th when i return to uni, if you have sent me something and it has not arrived to me yet don’t worry i have a forwarding address and i will get the letters and items in good time!

i had a birthday in the last two weeks… it was good! i got this amazing tea pot!

any one know where i can get matching cups?

ok well onto the mail part of my blog and then the exiting part where i announce the winners of my last competition!!!

this lovely little post card was sent by kristin from Minnesota; she writes that she received my card the other day and was unsure whether it was from wall type or send something, but she had seen my project before. she writes that she loves english stamps and mail stickers and that mail is her favourite thing!

this lovely little package of tea was sent by Amy, she writes that she is from arlington USA just outside washington, she hoped the tea found me well and that i enjoy it. recently she has had earthquakes.

this letter in the awesome envelope was sent by melissa from washington, in the letter she tells me about her job and where she lives, what jobs she had done in the past as well as some opinions on some things!

this other tea delight was sent by mauleen (sp) from canada; they write that they hope i like the tea :) and that they are their favourite.

this post card from toronto was sent by jona, the post card reads that toronto is canadas largest and most populated city, jona visited the uk for a week in june and loved it, and wishes me all the luck with my project and hopes i receive lots of wonderful things from all over the world.

this old looking post card was sent by kabouter from the south of the netherlands they write that the post card is a scene from 1884 in the netherlands and that they hope i like the card.

this post card was sent by john from the UK :P he writes that he shall write in the typical english fashion, the weather is over cast. he also writes that if the post card arrives to me in time then happy birthday. there are lots of funny drawing all over and comments including that the card was from chartwell when we visited i think a week before. there is also a cut out of darf vader thinking of what to have for dinner and a comment that the card reminds him of the funky chicken. a bit odd but luckily for him i like odd! <3

this cool little package came all the way from malaysia david, the card reads that he hopes i am in the pink of health, and that the somthing they have sent me is a key chain with a picture of a shadow puppet on and that shadow puppets are very famous in kelantan.

thank you sooo much for all the letters, cards, items and postcards! they have all been wonderfull and if you have given me your address you may get a little something back like a post card or a letter! but when i return to uni as i cant really do it when i am at home with the parents.


so it was sooo hard for me to choose a winner! the conditions for winning was that:

sent something with your address

the thing was:

x: creative

x: random

x: unique

i would like to thank all those who got involved and if you have not won this time in the next two weeks i shall be starting a new competition!!

runners up:

i liked this one that misha sent me because of the mail art making the envelope “something” more then just an envelope!! it got the creative tick!!!

david got a tick because of the way they packaged the item!!

melissa got the tick for random and unique by sending me the packaging of what she had for breakfast!!!


Becky won the competition because of the way she not only decorated the envelope but used the cover of a baked bean can to write on (its also her favourite make of baked beans) i thought this was definitely random, unique and creative so ticking all the boxes becky can now look forward to her prize coming in the post:

thanks again to every one who has got involved with my project thus far! i hope you agree with my decision on runners up and winners! please also note that if you are a runner up i will be sending you some prizes as well :).

happy mail days and posting!