Saturday, 26 March 2011

Arrived 24th March 2011

This is certainly the most crazy package i have ever recieved! some of which has some good use to me! (the photographic things) and some of the items are just lovely and i love badges and brick n’ brack :D what a great start this is. I will list what has travelled from Redhill, Surrey to myself.
1 medium format film.
1 betting chip from the golden palace.
4 badges.
1 toy cow.
1 earing.
1 Minolta camera.
11 large ink cartridges.
14 small ink cartridges
1 inkpen.
6 American stamps (eddie rickenbacker aviation pioneer)
1 correction roller.
1 bath salt.
1 soap bowl.
1 handbag holder.
1 bookend (shaped like a book with a clock and globe of the world on it complete with another small book and ink pot).
12 lense cleaning cloths.
1 old english six pence, half penny and shilling.
1 keyring made from the propeller of the R.M.S Queen Mary.
1 kangaroo pin.
1 mind badge.
1 bird clip thing.
3 plastic images from Docter Who?
2 pairs of 3D glasses.
1 mobile phone holder.
1 key ring shaped like a boot that reads “give it some wellie”.
1 Nissin syncro-eye.
1 strange little pot with built in spoon.
1 cancer keyring.
1 lovely oriental thing engraved with two images… looks like it could be a puzzle?
1 small ornimental sword.
1 pair of sunglasses.
1 book (the photo book).
1 ruler.
1 cow box (small)
1 ornimental girl laying on the ground interacting with a snail on some toadstalls.
this all came with a card which was simply addressed to myself from tevor; thank you for this random assortment of items and i will surely find a use for all of them.
dont forget any one can get involved with this! and in the coming year i will turn this into a seriose photographic project but in order for me to do so i need a large demographic of people and so spread the word to people who will be interested and maybe get involved yourself; message me for more details or just ask a question :D.

Arrived 17th March 2011

My very 1st random item: Paul Rudd in a photo frame…. no letter just the man himself! From the lovely kat macklin (best friend/ old house mate). It has traveled all the way from norfolk.

This did not arrive with a letter! why not? Well Paul Rudd needs no introduction! Kat and myself decided that he (the characters he plays) would make the perfect guy, and he does not look half bad either! and so with that decided we would have photos every where of this fine example. Sadly this never happened… untill now! thank you kat! ^.^!!!

The game has now officially started if you know me then send me random things it can come with a letter or without, you could have just found it or saw it and thought of me.. i dont mind send away! and who knows i may return the favour!