Saturday, 26 March 2011

Arrived 24th March 2011

This is certainly the most crazy package i have ever recieved! some of which has some good use to me! (the photographic things) and some of the items are just lovely and i love badges and brick n’ brack :D what a great start this is. I will list what has travelled from Redhill, Surrey to myself.
1 medium format film.
1 betting chip from the golden palace.
4 badges.
1 toy cow.
1 earing.
1 Minolta camera.
11 large ink cartridges.
14 small ink cartridges
1 inkpen.
6 American stamps (eddie rickenbacker aviation pioneer)
1 correction roller.
1 bath salt.
1 soap bowl.
1 handbag holder.
1 bookend (shaped like a book with a clock and globe of the world on it complete with another small book and ink pot).
12 lense cleaning cloths.
1 old english six pence, half penny and shilling.
1 keyring made from the propeller of the R.M.S Queen Mary.
1 kangaroo pin.
1 mind badge.
1 bird clip thing.
3 plastic images from Docter Who?
2 pairs of 3D glasses.
1 mobile phone holder.
1 key ring shaped like a boot that reads “give it some wellie”.
1 Nissin syncro-eye.
1 strange little pot with built in spoon.
1 cancer keyring.
1 lovely oriental thing engraved with two images… looks like it could be a puzzle?
1 small ornimental sword.
1 pair of sunglasses.
1 book (the photo book).
1 ruler.
1 cow box (small)
1 ornimental girl laying on the ground interacting with a snail on some toadstalls.
this all came with a card which was simply addressed to myself from tevor; thank you for this random assortment of items and i will surely find a use for all of them.
dont forget any one can get involved with this! and in the coming year i will turn this into a seriose photographic project but in order for me to do so i need a large demographic of people and so spread the word to people who will be interested and maybe get involved yourself; message me for more details or just ask a question :D.

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