Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Arrived 2nd April

I got back from going home on the weekend to find a few packages, mostly stuff i had ordered so it was not that exiting and then i saw that i had another package! nothing to do with uni but somthing that would both help me at university and this small project.
it is a USB i needed one of these as the university asked that we hand in our work using one. and i only had one usb and so i have been struggling to get work across computers. Trevor must have seen my rants and decided to send me one! this really is a good deed on his part in many ways! thanks trev. this item struggled its way from Redhill to farnham via the dodgy royal mail.
If any one has any comments on how i can make this little project a success i would love to hear your ideas as i think im really stuggling here a bit. thank you! also if you would like to get involved please send me a question on here or e-mail me on shamefull_07@hotmail.co.uk. thank you!

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