Thursday, 26 May 2011

Arrived 5th May

This post card arrived all the way from Moscow in Russia and was sent by Daria! on the front is an old photo of a Russian post man! on the back she says that she lives in Russia, Moscow and she also tells me what is on the front of the postcard. i think its lovely; i am a sucker for really old photos! infact the other day i whent and spent about £5 on old postcards and photos!
thank you!

Arrived 3rd May

here is a post card sent all the way from America from susan! She writes that she likes to send postcards from a Famouse place rather then her small town. She also wrote that she likes the beach and that infact she whent to the beach the day she wrote the post card. Susan likes to collects sea glass and special shaped rocks while she is at the beach as well… i must say i do the same when i am at Brighton!
thank you for the lovely postcard.

Arrived 10th April

here is another letter all the way from Norwich from Kat. the letter talks about how she is suviving being back at home and so far away from people she knows, how she would like to move out and get a job in illistration (she is really good!!). in the letter i found some fake top shop sun glasses made out of card, some filter tips and a little scratch and sniff thing which was horrid to smell… pretty funny making the house mates have a go though!

Arruved 10th April

This is a hand made letter from Meeri, its just lovely! i really liked the little person she drew on the back of the letter! it certainly is the little touched that surprise me the most. in her letter she says that she is sorry for not sending it sooner but she had her heart broken and could not make lovely things being in such a mood. there was also a little image of an old fashioned postman, this is known as a carte de visite which would be given to visitors or friends as a token. they can be very sort after and i love them! but this is an imitation.. but that still does not take away from how much i like it! this little bundle arrived all the way from Helsinki Finland.. ive always wanted to go there, i hear they have a really good music scene.

Arrived 7th April

so i have definitely taken my time in updating this here blog! but i have been noting what has arrived and writing back! i have just been a little busy at uni. its the end of the year and so rather busy sorting things out and seeing people for the last time .. or not for at least 4 months… crazy!
any way a while ago i sent a post card to a lady called iris who is of the grand age of 90! i thought it was amazing to meet a person on her age who is not related. she wrote me back telling me about her fondest memories, how she traveled on a horse drawn slead at christmass. she also wrote how she lived through the great depression on a farm but didnt notice how poor they where meant to be because the didnt have much to begin with; but they where always warm and fed well! this letter has travelled all the way from america and is from my oldest sendee yet! thank you, and i really love the paper.

Friday, 20 May 2011

coming soon!

hey so just a quick note to say i havent dropped off the face of the earth! i have recieved many lovely things since my last post but i fell behind! but never fear in the next 24 hours ill be up to spead! also if you have sent me any thing then expect a letter on my pretty paper in the next week or so! there may be a little surprise in it as well :D
thanks to all those who have helped me so far!

i have also had a change of address so please e-mail me for my new one!


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Arrived 4th May

This has to be the craziest thing i that i have recieved to date .. in my life and not just this project! It has travelled all the way from Tuscan Arizona in the USA; from Misha.
The numbers on the letter are just what the porters lodge write on packages, the rest is Misha; i cant believe it got all this way without packaging, the fact that there are rules about what can enter the country as well are a bit odd (no plants somtimes) so its a wonder how this little beauty got in… either way im glad!
if your wondering what you are looking at (like i was) she exaplins in the letter that it is a cactus peddle. she also writes about how hard it was to get it into the country .. and also not that hard; how she got the prickly bits off and how there may be some still left on there. believe me i know.. i have had a couple in my hand already. they dont hurt to much; they are just annoying. So without boring you to much she also writes about her self and what she does and asked some pretty crazy questions… US BRITS DO LOVE OUT TEA its a steriotype we are proud of :D.

Arrived 4th May

This little lovely postcard arrived all the way from JAPAN! Tokyo .. its very simple and the handwriting was amazing and neat! i wish my hand writing was like Mayayo’s!!!
in the post card it reads that Masayo is from Tokyo, japan. The post card shows Sinjuku area which is where the Metropolitan goverment office is.
its a pretty awesome picture! take a look at those skyscrapers! must be a sight in real life.
Masayo, arigato gozimasu!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Arrived 2nd May

This was a locely little letter to recieve on return to university, it comes from the US again this time from Washington from Melissa. She explains to me in the letter that she likes english stationary and explains its the english stationary that you find overseas such as Japan, she writes this on a piece of the english stationary. I have come accross this stationary before when i had a Japanese pen friend; i always found this type of thing quite lovely.
i this i recieved:
1 letter
2 postcards; one blank the other of Priest Point, Olympia, washington. 5506
1 cocatil feather. this was rather lovely! and quite personal when you look at it; so thanks for that.. and i hope both are doing great :D
1 little card with an orchid on it.
i really liked the assortment of stamps as well.

Arrived 14th April

This little man greeted me when i came back to university. He traveled over the pond from the US! from Regina. Regena writes that she was walking down the road and found him on the floor and sent him my way with two sets of packaging. both of which are very cool and random i really like the creativity :D. so in all i recieved:
1 lost knight
1 little letter
1 decorative label
2 pretty damn creative pachaging
“lend me that bit of apple,” he called to the boy. He didnt want to give up his apple-he was enjoying it too much; but he passed him half. (this was written on the back of the main package and i thought it very cute).

Arrived 8th April

This one is a little late coming, I’m very sorry for the inactivity but i was on easter break and i use my university address to recieve things.. the things i have recieved will come to follow dont worry. Either way i recieved this before easter and could not find the time to upload it. so here it is! it has travelled all the way from royal tunbridge wells and is sent by a friend of mine; jae.
inside there was a £20 with with words buy chicken nuggets… so i whent to the shop in order to buy some.. thought i completed the gieven task untill it was pointed out to me that they where turkey nuggets. shopping: FAIL.  Any ways i think the card is very cute and the money whent a long way… the nuggets where awsome even though i did get the wrong ones.