Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Arrived 2nd May

This was a locely little letter to recieve on return to university, it comes from the US again this time from Washington from Melissa. She explains to me in the letter that she likes english stationary and explains its the english stationary that you find overseas such as Japan, she writes this on a piece of the english stationary. I have come accross this stationary before when i had a Japanese pen friend; i always found this type of thing quite lovely.
i this i recieved:
1 letter
2 postcards; one blank the other of Priest Point, Olympia, washington. 5506
1 cocatil feather. this was rather lovely! and quite personal when you look at it; so thanks for that.. and i hope both are doing great :D
1 little card with an orchid on it.
i really liked the assortment of stamps as well.

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  1. Yay for Engrish stationery lovers! I'm glad your note made it to you; thanks for showing it on your fun blog. =)