Thursday, 5 May 2011

Arrived 4th May

This has to be the craziest thing i that i have recieved to date .. in my life and not just this project! It has travelled all the way from Tuscan Arizona in the USA; from Misha.
The numbers on the letter are just what the porters lodge write on packages, the rest is Misha; i cant believe it got all this way without packaging, the fact that there are rules about what can enter the country as well are a bit odd (no plants somtimes) so its a wonder how this little beauty got in… either way im glad!
if your wondering what you are looking at (like i was) she exaplins in the letter that it is a cactus peddle. she also writes about how hard it was to get it into the country .. and also not that hard; how she got the prickly bits off and how there may be some still left on there. believe me i know.. i have had a couple in my hand already. they dont hurt to much; they are just annoying. So without boring you to much she also writes about her self and what she does and asked some pretty crazy questions… US BRITS DO LOVE OUT TEA its a steriotype we are proud of :D.

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