Thursday, 26 May 2011

Arrived 7th April

so i have definitely taken my time in updating this here blog! but i have been noting what has arrived and writing back! i have just been a little busy at uni. its the end of the year and so rather busy sorting things out and seeing people for the last time .. or not for at least 4 months… crazy!
any way a while ago i sent a post card to a lady called iris who is of the grand age of 90! i thought it was amazing to meet a person on her age who is not related. she wrote me back telling me about her fondest memories, how she traveled on a horse drawn slead at christmass. she also wrote how she lived through the great depression on a farm but didnt notice how poor they where meant to be because the didnt have much to begin with; but they where always warm and fed well! this letter has travelled all the way from america and is from my oldest sendee yet! thank you, and i really love the paper.

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