Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Arrived 8th April

This one is a little late coming, I’m very sorry for the inactivity but i was on easter break and i use my university address to recieve things.. the things i have recieved will come to follow dont worry. Either way i recieved this before easter and could not find the time to upload it. so here it is! it has travelled all the way from royal tunbridge wells and is sent by a friend of mine; jae.
inside there was a £20 with with words buy chicken nuggets… so i whent to the shop in order to buy some.. thought i completed the gieven task untill it was pointed out to me that they where turkey nuggets. shopping: FAIL.  Any ways i think the card is very cute and the money whent a long way… the nuggets where awsome even though i did get the wrong ones.

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