Sunday, 31 July 2011

week 4; a slow week for mail... and a sorting office fail.

heya! well good news is that i am on time with the update this week! though this week has been rather slow as far as mail is concerned, that said i have still received some wonderful things!

there was also a little bit of a sorting office fail! twice i have tried to send a post card to germany BUT instead it has landed in my post box instead…. i’m pretty sure i don’t live in germany so now i will have to pay TWICE to send this post card! gah!

above is the offending post card which i will send AGAIN this coming week.

before i go into what i have recieved i would like to share a little something that i have got involved in!

this blog is well worth watching. at the moment i am taking part in the spring swap! which is quite cool but i thought spring was already over so we would not welcome it in… so im a little confused. either way i have already made my package! and cant wait to see who ill be sending it to! the chance to enter ends tomorrow aug 1st! so if you would like to get involved get in quick!

and now onto the mail! :)

this amazing little post card came all the way from new jersey in the USA! the image shows a national land mark with a doll, it said in the post card that the doll is a travelling doll and is photographed in many places of interest and to visit to see where else this doll will travel. pretty cool idea!

this interesting post card arrived from oakville, ontario Canada! i think canada is an amazing country so was quite happy to receive something from there! i really liked the wicked arty image as well. Courtney said she chose this card for me because its unique and different and she thought i would like it because it reflected my profile image.

this post card arrived from russia from Tania! her english is not to great but i think i can understand it, she writes thats she did not exoect to recieve such a post card that i sent her (im thinking that means she liked it) and that she has sent me this post card which shows the main street is st pettersburg in 1910 and 2003, it really does not look like its changed tooo much which is amazing! i find it really interesting to look at! i just love things like this :)

this letter was sent by mel who is a UK based pen pal of mine, (she had a bad wrist when we last wrote) her wrist is getting better and her job seems pretty damn hard! 24 hour shifts as a carer… and i thought my job as a bar maid can be hard at times. i wont go into every thing she wrote though! just alot of answering questions and asking them as well :) its lovely to receive a proper letter..nothing fancy just something really nice and interesting to read.

Becky the Snail mailer from USA, sent me a lovely little reply to my letter the that i sent her, as well as some brilliant little items such as the back of a set of stamps.. you can get a set of stamps with info on about them. didn’t know they did that! so i may go look for some interesting ones .. though i’m not a stamp collector either.. i’m more into vintage things and photos! oh and the odd hand made item… or something out of the ordinary… haha i’m not fussy!

THANKS ALOT to all those who sent something! and if you haven’t already, please get involved! a reply will be fighting its way to every one who gave me an address soon! and don’t forget the COMPETITION! it will now end 1st september..

Monday, 25 July 2011

Week 3: the first in possibly many late updates

Ok so first sorry about being all late with this… i have not gone crazy.. i know today is monday and not sunday but i was at work on sunday so was too tired to update by the time i got back home. Had an interesting week mail wise… i found some missing mail from week two so ill have to start off with those i’m a little confused as to how i would have missed them out!!. Tried to join SwapBot but nothings happening there because its stupid and wont let me join… mail to the people who run it has recovered NOTHING… and i’m still awaiting confirmation from we love snail mail, cant wait to get the money together to join the letter writer alliance!!! I have also had some amazing new stationary through!

week 2 extended:

this post card was sent by Allen all the way from taiwan!!! Allen writes that he hopes i like the card and enquires about the weather! thanks Allen!

this beauty has come all the way from Estonia from Annika, (i used to have a friend called Annika she was an awesome artist) Annika writes that she hopes i like the post card with a view of her tiny country, and i do :)

This simple arty design is from the netherlands and sent by yvonne, they write about the weather and the fact that they work on a goat farm (AWESOME!) they make butter and cheese.

thanks alot to the above people and i am very sorry that your items where mislaid for a week!

Talking about mislaid items i found an OLD postcard i received when i was really young.. before the internet GASP (yes there was such a time!)

On the front is an image of a statue of ST Patrick.. the back reads “dear sabrina. remember st patricks day? we did not climb the mountain this year - maybe next! thanks for a great camp, we had a great time, see you soon, Groovy” who on earth is groovy… ive also never been to irland… either way im definitely thinking this is from back when i used to be a brownie! now thats an age ago!!!

WEEK 3 (finally :)

this letter arrived all the way from america and was sent by iris, iris writes about her time through the great depression, her family and basically gives me an amazing run down of her life! she also writes that she has traveled and even been to the UK our food suck by the sounds of things but its good we speak the same lingo!! hah! i hope iris enjoys her trip to france! thanks alot iris!!

This small package sent by melissa g is winning on the random front! and the comp :P (if she wants the prize) it has travelled all the way from the USA and was amazing to open as i got this great whiff of coffee! Melissa sent me the packaging of her breakfast and thats it :) thanks!!!

this postcard was sent by Natassja from Belarus she writes that the front of the postcard is an image of the monument of Francist Skaryna and they hoped i liked it.

this post card was sent all the way from poland, it came with no name but a lovely little quote “its a great thing to know the season for speech and the season for silence” - Seneco

last but by no means least is this beautiful post card from germany sent by peter (the only name i could make out), this tested me in many ways as the hand writing was rather shaky and in german! i can read and speak a bit of german (i got by pretty well in Berlin earlier this year). peter talks about the painting being french and painted in a promiscuous time for france (maybe) and they have the hobby of travelling. or they live in a small town the painting is french and they love to travel. sorry its been a while since i was tested with my german like this :(.

and so thats the end of another little look into what i have had the pleasure of receiving through the post. please keep them coming! and if you can help me in any way i’d be eternally grateful.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Week 2; postcard heaven.

This week has been rather slow! I have on the other hand received some lovely post cards :). I am up to date with my writing back to every one and only have a couple of letters to write before i send everything off in the mail tomorrow; where i will also go on the hunt for fun new things to post to everyone!! 
here’s a sneak peak at what people will be receiving:
I am expecting some really cool stickers and stationary through the post very soon! so those who do send something or give me their address should look forward to these little surprises… and now onto the more important aspects.. what i recieved this week:

This was a very short and sweet post card from Iris in America; she says that she is working on a reply :). the front of this post card is an image of some native american pottery! looks really awesome close up!!
thanks Iris … i look forward to another one of your letters!

This postcard travelled a very long way! All the way from Penny in Australia! (i remember thinking i could dig to australia). The post card reads that the image is from Sydney Harbour and was taken by one of her favourite photographers: Matt Lauder. Penny also adds that she loves Sydney and that she is very lucky to see kangaroos!! haha id have to agree with her on that one! i really like that this is an image of sydney harbour that i have not yet seen. 

This fun little post card arrived all the way from California! It was sent by Nicole who is hoping that i have had a very nice summer.. :) all i have to say is yes.. i’ve had a very good summer considering i’ve been stuck in the UK. 

This beautifully hand made post card came all the way from Katharine from suffolk in the UK! i don’t get many items from the UK, so it was a lovely little surprise! Katharine writes that she chose to make this card with Smurfs because they seem to be making a come back and she can remember then right from the 70’s! she used to have their posters and everything! in-fact i think i remember them in the early 90’s late 80’s! She also writes that she loves almost everything mail and is trying to instill the same into her children which i think is a fab idea.. when my little sister is old enough i will try the same with her! 

thanks a whole lot to every one who has sent me something! expect your replies where possible soon! and if you want to get involved please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I am also wanting a little help to get more people involved… so if you can help me ill love you forever!