Sunday, 10 July 2011

and so the show goes on...

So I asked you guys to watch this space and here it is!
I am kick starting the project as well as the blog again. First of all I would like to apologise for the small hiatus, mail went missing and so that was rather frustrating. Upon further recollection (and a talk with the postie) I decided it would not be fair on some people if I just stopped, especially when I was told that hand written letters and envelopes make the post mans day because he’s posting something better then bills and junk mail, and hopefully the letter will make some ones day. I have also loved what I have received, the letters, post cards and random little items made every day special! And so the project is being re-started (sorry again for any confusion it wont happen again) this time with some new rules for myself:
This blog will be updated every Sunday or early Monday morning (and I mean early)
Instead of the day-by-day entry there will be a weekly combined entry (like how this one will end) titled week 1, week 2 … etc.
I will start a new at week 1!
So now the exiting part 1!!! I am going to kick-start the new direction with a month long competition (yeah you heard) ending the Sunday after the 10th august 2011. You can win the competition by sending the most random, funny, fun or original item, thing or letter. The prize is not amazing… but someone may want it. The prize is a small commemorative pillow depicting the now duke and duchess of ‘s wedding that happened this year. For those who don’t know who I am talking about it’s a commemorative pillow from the royal wedding in the UK earlier this year.
Here’s an image for your eyes:
So go ahead join in and send me something… more importantly ANYTHING!
Now with all of that out of the way I shall share what I have received over the manic last two months.

Earlier this year I was invited to a wedding.. Via face book. This disappointed me greatly; has facebook and the Internet really taken over that much? Well a couple of months ago I received a wedding invite through the post (completely different couple) I thought it very tasteful and wasted no time in replying with a big fat yes.. Congratulations Doug and Vikki. From Tunbridge wells, UK
As you may well tell Kat and I exchange letters of a regular basis, this time around Kat sent me a small letter on the back of a rather awesome 40’s-60’s style card. Along with the letter there was a 36-exposure challenge for us to complete over the summer. There is a list of 36 things to photograph; I have to photograph them in order and on a film of my choice… one chance to get one photo.. exiting… I have already started this and I am up to image 8! From Norfolk, UK
Becky sent me a rather lovely letter on a piece of card she brought from the National art gallery in DC USA, she sends me warm wished and hopes that my project is going well. She also writes that she likes the graphics on canned goods (written also on the back of a baked bean can label) and that she really like vegan baked beans… I really didn’t know there was such a thing. From the snailer mailer..USA??
Mel sent me a rather lovely long letter, talking about what she does for a living and facts about her life as well as some questions, I will tell you that she has hurt her hand.. so I really hope that’s better now or at least getting there. I really liked how she used stickers to decorate the letter and envelope, and I REALLY like cats so I loved them all! From Dorset, UK
Laura X tried to send me mail a couple of times but the mail man seemed to be having a bad day and forgot my road existed, I then received the letter finally! And the front made me laugh right away: it read that the address was verified and DOES exist, please deliver this envelope to the address… thank you! Now the inside of the letter was written on rather cute hello kitty paper; laura talked about what zines where as well as scrap books, likes, mail and life in general. Inside also where some cool stickers! Although pretty gothy I seriously like the little computer one and the strange monsters .. They remind me of dunnies which are also VERY awesome!  From San Jose, USA.
I received a lot of post cards as well:
Petra sent me a post card from the Netherlands; it seemed to have rained all day there when she sent it.
Lulu sent me a awesome monsters in the trees post card from Taiwan; she writes that she loves England, thought the card was funny and that if I am to ever visit I should try the food because its really good.
Mandy sent this post card from California, USA her address was ripped off so replying’s going to be hard; she writes that she thinks its cool that I have a blog and that she recently moved to Indiana for school.
Melanie sent me this rather cute postcard from Germany, she writes that giraffes are one of her favourite animals, she is also a photographers assistant .. im kinda jealous.
Julia sent me this rather classic post card all the way from Belarus, she writes that her city is very old and rich in history and even gave me a little lesson in her language!
Belamn sent me this map card from Spain, they write that they live in the south of spain and even have friends in Tunbridge wells and that they visit t. wells as well as other towns in Kent.. How amazing!!! Its such a small world.
Marianne sent this lovely postcard and talks about why she loves photography as well, photography captures the details and beauty of life..such true words.
There was no name on the last postcard I received but I can tell you that it came all the way from finland, they write that they just closed their eyes and picked up something from their desk and so I got an add card for a finnish paint company and old otaniemi dotdat brochure… pretty cool way of sending something if you ask me… and who ever you are… im really not disappointed I think it was a fab idea!
And so last but not least we have a re-appearance from Misha, she sent me some amazing mail art, which she says that she did just for myself as I am really into photography! In the letter she answers some of my questions about America and even asked me some questions including if I were a crayon what colour would I be? I hope she enjoyed her family get together.
And here is an image of everything!
Thanks sooo much to the people who have got involved and those who gave me their addresses… you ALL have replies coming very soon!
Please don’t forget to get any one you know involved and keep sending any thing and everything… and don’t forget the competition!!


  1. Hey Sabrina!! I sent you a reply to your (mega awesome) letter while I was in Colorado a few weeks ago. I didn't send anything as crazy as a cactus this time, but I hope you will like it. ^-^
    love and hugs,

  2. yay! i cant wait! you always write such awesome letters :).