Sunday, 17 July 2011

Week 2; postcard heaven.

This week has been rather slow! I have on the other hand received some lovely post cards :). I am up to date with my writing back to every one and only have a couple of letters to write before i send everything off in the mail tomorrow; where i will also go on the hunt for fun new things to post to everyone!! 
here’s a sneak peak at what people will be receiving:
I am expecting some really cool stickers and stationary through the post very soon! so those who do send something or give me their address should look forward to these little surprises… and now onto the more important aspects.. what i recieved this week:

This was a very short and sweet post card from Iris in America; she says that she is working on a reply :). the front of this post card is an image of some native american pottery! looks really awesome close up!!
thanks Iris … i look forward to another one of your letters!

This postcard travelled a very long way! All the way from Penny in Australia! (i remember thinking i could dig to australia). The post card reads that the image is from Sydney Harbour and was taken by one of her favourite photographers: Matt Lauder. Penny also adds that she loves Sydney and that she is very lucky to see kangaroos!! haha id have to agree with her on that one! i really like that this is an image of sydney harbour that i have not yet seen. 

This fun little post card arrived all the way from California! It was sent by Nicole who is hoping that i have had a very nice summer.. :) all i have to say is yes.. i’ve had a very good summer considering i’ve been stuck in the UK. 

This beautifully hand made post card came all the way from Katharine from suffolk in the UK! i don’t get many items from the UK, so it was a lovely little surprise! Katharine writes that she chose to make this card with Smurfs because they seem to be making a come back and she can remember then right from the 70’s! she used to have their posters and everything! in-fact i think i remember them in the early 90’s late 80’s! She also writes that she loves almost everything mail and is trying to instill the same into her children which i think is a fab idea.. when my little sister is old enough i will try the same with her! 

thanks a whole lot to every one who has sent me something! expect your replies where possible soon! and if you want to get involved please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I am also wanting a little help to get more people involved… so if you can help me ill love you forever! 

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