Sunday, 31 July 2011

week 4; a slow week for mail... and a sorting office fail.

heya! well good news is that i am on time with the update this week! though this week has been rather slow as far as mail is concerned, that said i have still received some wonderful things!

there was also a little bit of a sorting office fail! twice i have tried to send a post card to germany BUT instead it has landed in my post box instead…. i’m pretty sure i don’t live in germany so now i will have to pay TWICE to send this post card! gah!

above is the offending post card which i will send AGAIN this coming week.

before i go into what i have recieved i would like to share a little something that i have got involved in!

this blog is well worth watching. at the moment i am taking part in the spring swap! which is quite cool but i thought spring was already over so we would not welcome it in… so im a little confused. either way i have already made my package! and cant wait to see who ill be sending it to! the chance to enter ends tomorrow aug 1st! so if you would like to get involved get in quick!

and now onto the mail! :)

this amazing little post card came all the way from new jersey in the USA! the image shows a national land mark with a doll, it said in the post card that the doll is a travelling doll and is photographed in many places of interest and to visit to see where else this doll will travel. pretty cool idea!

this interesting post card arrived from oakville, ontario Canada! i think canada is an amazing country so was quite happy to receive something from there! i really liked the wicked arty image as well. Courtney said she chose this card for me because its unique and different and she thought i would like it because it reflected my profile image.

this post card arrived from russia from Tania! her english is not to great but i think i can understand it, she writes thats she did not exoect to recieve such a post card that i sent her (im thinking that means she liked it) and that she has sent me this post card which shows the main street is st pettersburg in 1910 and 2003, it really does not look like its changed tooo much which is amazing! i find it really interesting to look at! i just love things like this :)

this letter was sent by mel who is a UK based pen pal of mine, (she had a bad wrist when we last wrote) her wrist is getting better and her job seems pretty damn hard! 24 hour shifts as a carer… and i thought my job as a bar maid can be hard at times. i wont go into every thing she wrote though! just alot of answering questions and asking them as well :) its lovely to receive a proper letter..nothing fancy just something really nice and interesting to read.

Becky the Snail mailer from USA, sent me a lovely little reply to my letter the that i sent her, as well as some brilliant little items such as the back of a set of stamps.. you can get a set of stamps with info on about them. didn’t know they did that! so i may go look for some interesting ones .. though i’m not a stamp collector either.. i’m more into vintage things and photos! oh and the odd hand made item… or something out of the ordinary… haha i’m not fussy!

THANKS ALOT to all those who sent something! and if you haven’t already, please get involved! a reply will be fighting its way to every one who gave me an address soon! and don’t forget the COMPETITION! it will now end 1st september..


  1. Hey Sabrina! Just wondering if you could pop me an email at seaweedandraine(at)gmail(dot)com so I can email you the details for the swap?
    P.S. I live in Austraila, hence the welcoming spring thing ;)

  2. I hate that when the card/letter ends up back at me the next day when I send it out. Do you really have to pay again for their mistake? how stupid, I just put the card/letter back in the mailbox when that happens.
    I found you on I will be sending you something soon :)

  3. heya! yeah 3rd time i had to cos it kept coming back to me the second time though i just highlighted the german address and sent it gain.. and it still came back to me haha! i just thought hell with it a popped it into a envelope... i got a message today saying that the post card finally arrived today :) seems the reciever always has this trouble something wrong with her address any ways i look forward to seeing what you will send to me :)

  4. I'm not sure I explained but the back of the stamps was for the stamps on that particular envelope. I often wonder what the meaning of various stamps is from other countries. Hope this finds you well!!!