Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Week 7; A dark day in more ways then one.

Gah you know you get those days where you would not mind disappearing from the whole of existence… one of those days where not even the rain or stars give you that little tingle? im having one of those days… well weeks… when i am at home at least… i kinda just want to bash my head against the wall till my skull cracks and i bleed from ears nose and eyes…. at least i have mail to keep me sane from the hell hole i call “home”.

rant officially over. on with better things MAIL!!!!

So regular readers of my blog will notice that i am running competition, remember that right royal couple who got married this year? (will and kate) well i have a commemorative decorative pillow up for grabs… all you have to do is send something!! and the grand winner will be the person who sends the most random creative object they can think of! there will also be 3 runners up who will receive some note cards, paper and envelopes maybe some stickers if i’m feeling nice enough! so get involved and maybe win something nice :)

and now onto the recieved items this week.

This fun post card was sent by Anna from russia; she writes that she is 31 years old with two sons who are TWINS!! She lives in a beautiful town not far from Moscow and works as a chief accountant for a management company.

This post card is a photo of a volcanic eruption so i found it absolutely amazing! those kinds of things always fascinate me, it was sent by Maria from Moscow she writes that she chose to send it to me because its very unusual photography and that she hoped i would like it; which i do.

This very scenic post card was sent by stephen who shared the post card because it was beautiful he also writes asking if my address is really 8 lines long!! in which case it is.. i live in the countryside at the moment and there are many variations of my address… if i use the longest one then mail will always get to me; rather then to the people who live on 6, petteridge road…

These stickers and post card where sent by Barb? Barbra .. (my mind runs a blank at the moment) i had previously sent an old post card to this person before dating back to 1947; turns out they where born in 1947 so thats pretty amazing, they write that they do not live in Maryland but they travel through there quite alot! and they have also sent me SOMETHING :) American stickers! i cant wait to put these to use!

This is my very first pen palling letter from Sabrina; im really getting a kick of writing to someone with the same name as me, in this letter sabrina tells me more about her self and her jobs, i really liked the paper she used… really gets me in gear for christmas.

And so there you have it all of week 7’s mail! thanks so much to every one who has already got involved you mail keeps me sane!!! and don’t forget the competition!!! please message me for any details :). I’m sure to be in a better mood on the next update as its my birthday in 2 days!!!! woop! Hope you letter boxes where all filled with joy and fun!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Week 6; my birthday in a little over a week WOOP!!

hello guys so im pretty exited for two reasons! my birthday is in little over a week!! and the mail situation is starting to look up! so im in pretty high spirits! i have also just seen some guzzle puzzle sweets on the tv… might get me some of those :).

any ways onto the mail for week 5!

this funky shaped post card was sent by manyke she writes that she lives in the netherlands.

this awesome old card was sent by agnieselo (awesome name). she writes that the orginal dates back to 1915, it shows an old army square; she visited this place last year, it is in one of the most important cities in the beskidy (?) region. i may not have every thing correct here because of her amazing curly writing.

this post card was sent to me by anu, she writes that she has just been to denmark with her 11 year old daughter and unlike her father she did not hitch hike: her father was a travelling photographer who actuially took this photo, i think its amazing that anu is sharing something rather personal in the form of a post card.

this cool hand made post card was sent by marymassand. she writes that she has made this for her 165 days of mail art project (im glad to be part of some one elses project) and that she is 23 and also a student, she likes glitter and yellow, she was also planning on wearing a purple top (great colour choice!)

well thanks a lot to every one this week for their great post cards and i hope to see more mail coming my way soon! remember to e-mail me for my address if you would like to get involved!

and don’t forget the most creative thing i get sent by september the 1st will get a royal wedding commemorative pillow!!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Week 5; A slow week but an interesting one at that!

Well hasn’t it been an interesting week for the UK? So firstly I would like to say how glad I am that the riots have calmed down!!! And for those who where against the rioters, looters and killings I thank you, and I think you would all agree with me in saying that I hope nothing like this happens again. But unfortunately there are always people out there to cause trouble at any demonstration; and that’s where things get out of hand! I send my thoughts to all those who have been effected by recent events in the UK and my condolences to all those who have lost their lives (to me a life is a life) and I hope the people at the rout of all the incidences pay for all the damage that they have caused, mentally and physically. I am glad to say also that many people that I know in the effected areas are all fine and well. Lets hope that things return back to normal. Keep calm and carry on.. Possibly the greatest motto of all time!!

And now onwards and upwards! As I said I would be late with my next update on post! This was because things have been sooo slow for my mail box recently but that aside I was invited to follow around a post man for the morning round out in the countryside; and what an experience it was. A postman definitely sees and experiences things we would often never think about. I literally tip my hat to every one who works hard to ensure out mail is delivered to us through all types of weather and global difficulties. We almost crashed a little bit, met lots of friendly people and picked up mail as we delivered it, we met countless animals along the way, visited 259 houses and delivered around 1192 items of mail. Here is a selection of images which where shot on the day!

for more images please go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sabrina_g_photography/

or follow my photography fb page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sabrina-G-Photography/

And now further on the mail received in the last two weeks!

Week 5:

I have certainly been busy sending out ALOT OF MAIL!!! tehe i actually think this project has me hooked :)

yes so as you can see the post office really loves me at the moment!

this post card was sent by Randi from Oklahoma, he writes that most of American cultural heritage dates back to Native americans and that he wanted to share the traditional costume with me, he goes on to write about the Spring Pow-wows. Sounds like great fun :)

this photographic post card arrived all the way from Buenos Aires by Julio. He writes that he is 34 and lives in Buenos Aires, and is a photographer who likes to travel.

this card was sent by Atina-grace? from orlando, she writes that she has recently been to Daytona.

thank you all so much for spending the time to write to me! great post cards as well! please as always keep them coming and help spread the word about my little project! and don’t forget the competition! (winner will get a commemorative royal wedding pillow) e-mail me at sabrinagoacher@gmail.com for details or if you have any questions.. or just comment.