Thursday, 11 August 2011

Week 5; A slow week but an interesting one at that!

Well hasn’t it been an interesting week for the UK? So firstly I would like to say how glad I am that the riots have calmed down!!! And for those who where against the rioters, looters and killings I thank you, and I think you would all agree with me in saying that I hope nothing like this happens again. But unfortunately there are always people out there to cause trouble at any demonstration; and that’s where things get out of hand! I send my thoughts to all those who have been effected by recent events in the UK and my condolences to all those who have lost their lives (to me a life is a life) and I hope the people at the rout of all the incidences pay for all the damage that they have caused, mentally and physically. I am glad to say also that many people that I know in the effected areas are all fine and well. Lets hope that things return back to normal. Keep calm and carry on.. Possibly the greatest motto of all time!!

And now onwards and upwards! As I said I would be late with my next update on post! This was because things have been sooo slow for my mail box recently but that aside I was invited to follow around a post man for the morning round out in the countryside; and what an experience it was. A postman definitely sees and experiences things we would often never think about. I literally tip my hat to every one who works hard to ensure out mail is delivered to us through all types of weather and global difficulties. We almost crashed a little bit, met lots of friendly people and picked up mail as we delivered it, we met countless animals along the way, visited 259 houses and delivered around 1192 items of mail. Here is a selection of images which where shot on the day!

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And now further on the mail received in the last two weeks!

Week 5:

I have certainly been busy sending out ALOT OF MAIL!!! tehe i actually think this project has me hooked :)

yes so as you can see the post office really loves me at the moment!

this post card was sent by Randi from Oklahoma, he writes that most of American cultural heritage dates back to Native americans and that he wanted to share the traditional costume with me, he goes on to write about the Spring Pow-wows. Sounds like great fun :)

this photographic post card arrived all the way from Buenos Aires by Julio. He writes that he is 34 and lives in Buenos Aires, and is a photographer who likes to travel.

this card was sent by Atina-grace? from orlando, she writes that she has recently been to Daytona.

thank you all so much for spending the time to write to me! great post cards as well! please as always keep them coming and help spread the word about my little project! and don’t forget the competition! (winner will get a commemorative royal wedding pillow) e-mail me at for details or if you have any questions.. or just comment.

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