Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Week 6; my birthday in a little over a week WOOP!!

hello guys so im pretty exited for two reasons! my birthday is in little over a week!! and the mail situation is starting to look up! so im in pretty high spirits! i have also just seen some guzzle puzzle sweets on the tv… might get me some of those :).

any ways onto the mail for week 5!

this funky shaped post card was sent by manyke she writes that she lives in the netherlands.

this awesome old card was sent by agnieselo (awesome name). she writes that the orginal dates back to 1915, it shows an old army square; she visited this place last year, it is in one of the most important cities in the beskidy (?) region. i may not have every thing correct here because of her amazing curly writing.

this post card was sent to me by anu, she writes that she has just been to denmark with her 11 year old daughter and unlike her father she did not hitch hike: her father was a travelling photographer who actuially took this photo, i think its amazing that anu is sharing something rather personal in the form of a post card.

this cool hand made post card was sent by marymassand. she writes that she has made this for her 165 days of mail art project (im glad to be part of some one elses project) and that she is 23 and also a student, she likes glitter and yellow, she was also planning on wearing a purple top (great colour choice!)

well thanks a lot to every one this week for their great post cards and i hope to see more mail coming my way soon! remember to e-mail me for my address if you would like to get involved!

and don’t forget the most creative thing i get sent by september the 1st will get a royal wedding commemorative pillow!!!!


  1. Hello again! Just letting you know I added you to my blog roll. Did the bean label count in the drawing??? If not, I 'd better hop on it, hmmmm???

  2. heya! yes dont worry it did! you can enter into the draw again if you wish. :)

  3. also thanks for adding me to your blog roll :)

  4. thanks it means so much that you think that :)