Wednesday, 28 September 2011

i havent forgotten you :)

i have moved to uni so i have been really busy over the past 3 weeks… i promise though if not tomorrow evening then monday evening i shall share all the wonderful things i have received over the past 3 weeks :) believe me this is going to not be a post to miss because… im finally working on the uni sides of things to present this work :)


ps im also having some issues with posting on here lately so i dont know whats up... it wants me to download google chrome... but my lap top wont help me ... i think all my other browsers are up to date though :( ... if some one could help that would be brilliant .. any ways... until next time :D


  1. Sabrina! Have I forgotten -you-???? I can't remember if I replied to your letter!!! >.< (Isn't that awful?) My studies have kept me really busy. Iz no like... Ah well. I hope the autumn season greets you nicely!


  2. yes!!! i have your letter with me! i brought some stamps today so i shall reply to you within the week i hope :D i loved the photographs!!! im totally going to do a project around them :D
    and yesh i know all about studies keeping you busy!!! moving back and settling into uni and my new home again has been a bit more time consuming then i 1st imagined! my room isnt even sorted out properly yet and i have been here a month!!!!