Friday, 14 October 2011


ok guys i need help! 
my project has taken on a new focus…
can someone please sent me some images of their representation of their home town? it can be taken in any way you want, pref colour, and you dont have to be a good photographer either.
what will i do with the images?
i will stitch them all together to make a whole new place! made up of all of your pictures as well as some of my own :D
what does this have to do with sendsomething? 
well i was going through some of the item i have yet to put up on here. and i saw that someone sent me a photo album of thier home town, and thats how i got the idea!!!
well you can send them to my new address or e-mail them to me at
thank you tones is advance 


  1. I can send you some of my hometown :D

  2. that would be fantastic :)
    are you going to e-mail them?
    along with the photos i will need to know your name :D .. and where you home town is :D
    thank you so much!!!


  3. I already did, the same day I read your post! Have you received it? Maybe it is under 'Spam'..I can email it again :D

  4. heya!
    yeah i noticed when i checked my e-mails further, thanks so much!!! they are so much help :D